Wolfram Alpha: A Computational Knowledge Engine with Educational Applications

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Sometimes one discovers a tool that is incredibly useful, yet surprisingly not as widely known as it should be. Wolfram Alpha, an intelligent search engine that responds to queries with answers as opposed to a list of links, has been around since 2009, but many teachers and students still haven’t heard of it.

This is surprising because there might not be another online tool that is as applicable in as many academic subjects as Wolfram Alpha. Because it is based on Mathematica, one of the top computational software packages used by scientists, mathematicians, and engineers all over the world, it is clearly extremely good at answering math questions. Beyond complex numeric computations, it can do symbolic computation (like factoring polynomials) that is much harder than simply crunching numbers. This computational power applies to mathematics and all of the sciences (is math a science?) but Wolfram Alpha is more than just a fancy online graphing calculator.

It is actually an intelligent system that taps into a myriad of online data sources that enable it to answer questions in almost any field. For example, suppose you wanted to know the identities of the characters in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A simple query would yield the answer and provide additional details. To give a sense of the scope of it’s knowledge engine, Wolfram has conveniently created a page of sample uses that covers a wide range of human activities. If you have never heard of Wolfram Alpha, you will be surprised when you first use it.

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