Richard Feynman’s Great Physics Lectures are Finally Available Online


Sometimes it takes decades for works that have had an immense impact to become easily and cheaply available, and this is especially true in the sciences. The difficulty of making a science or math text, with all of its special symbols and diagrams, browser-friendly poses a serious technical challenge. Since 1964, the “Feynman Lectures on Physics” have been a physics education classic, but now, the first volume is finally available online.

Richard Feynman is known not only as one of the great physicists of the twentieth century, but also as one of its great communicators who could explain the most complicated topic with rare clarity. His physics lectures, however, have traditionally been an expensive financial investment and used mainly at the undergraduate level. Now, ambitious high school students can try them out for free. We’ll be looking forward to the rest of the volumes becoming available in the near future.

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