Google Science Fair 2013: Pre-College Research Recognized

Google Science Fair

Winning science competitions is clearly not a requirement for future successful scientific careers, and the winners of these competitions are not necessarily geniuses, although they are definitely bright. That said, an event like the Google Science Fair can be a good motivator for students. This annual event lets students from all over the world submit their research projects online, which are then evaluated by a panel of experts that includes Nobel laureates. The winners receive various awards and there are several age categories with their own prizes, but of course the future opportunities that come with winning are the greatest reward. Perhaps, the most important lesson from such a competition is that learning should not be limited by school textbooks and that sufficiently motivated students can go far if they follow their intellectual curiosity. If you have a science fair project ready you still have a week to submit it. Even if you don’t take part this year, following the work of the winners is an educational experience in itself. Good luck!

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