Cut-the-Knot: A Hidden Treasure Trove of Mathematical Miscellany

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The Web may contain almost every possible problem, puzzle, and article imaginable, but it’s decentralized nature makes it’s hard to locate good content in a sea of endless tutorials, amusing pictures, and commercial promotions. If you’re trying to find extracurricular mathematical materials you need to know where to look, but more importantly, what to look for. Knowing an erudite guide makes life much easier. Alexander Bogomolny, a professional mathematician and curator of mathematical recreations and other topics, is that guide. His site Cut-the-Knot is an enormous collection of fascinating articles, illustrations, and animations covering a wide range of mostly non-advanced mathematics. One of the defining features of his articles are the interactive Java applets that illustrate a problem or principle. The site has been continuously updated since 1997, which makes it among the most comprehensive such repositories online. Unfortunately, because it was created more than fifteen years ago, its age shows in the design and technology used (Java applets are no longer the preferred delivery mechanism for interactive media). Although Cut-the-Knot has garnered over twenty awards, including one from Scientific American, it is not as well known as it should be. If you’re looking for a source of enrichment for regular math classes this is one of the best places to start.

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